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Re: Post Modern Aikido?

If it was an easy journey then it wouldn't be much very interesting I think

Recent events (within the past decade) forced the two major styles of aikido in our small contry to join forces in a common association (Danish Aikido Federation). We now hold seminars where we train together with each other. Iwama style (in lack of a better word) inspired people as well as a group of people with aikido based on Nishio sensei. We also have a fraction that do what would probably best be described as Hombu style. Even within the one group I know best (and probably within the other as well, but I can't really tell) there is a ton of difference in how we approach training, how we move our bodies and how we interpret the uke-nage connection.

From our last seminar we have videos of the embukai that ended the day. Seven different dojo leaders each giving a 2½-5 minute presentation of what they are currently working on within their aikido. It is to say the least very diverse. Somewhere in a blend of all this I believe really great Aikido exist.

So.. not really a response - but a statement to support what I think is the message of the original post: stay true to what is important in your aikido, but remember to constantly challenge what you think you know.

Now I will go back to planning tonights training..


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