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Re: Integrity in our Aikido Community

I see the internet as a little like the open street. People are free to make whatever claims they want. The best we can do to insure integrity is to speak eloquently about our views; to address the underlying motivations of those we wish to communicate with; to not let the truth/virtue of our remarks get drowned out by other stuff. Beyond that I cannot see what else can be done. We cannot prevent people from speaking lies or accidental untruths. All we can do is demonstrate and articulate to the best of our ability and hope the validity is, or in time becomes, self-evident.
And for the record I think Graham made a joke without realizing the greater context involved...namely, that the guy was actually a seriously accomplished martial artist.
And, if for the sake of argument we prove that someone is full of BS...what will we have actually accomplished? Very little. For example, we will not likely have changed the opinions of those who already train with them...if they even read what we have to say here. I'm not saying we shouldn't address the things we believe are false or otherwise detrimental, but there does seem to be a lot of redundancy. For the amount of energy that goes into these kinds of topics, I'm beginning to think I should adopt a new language style when I have a question I'm hoping to have answered. The odds seem seem slightly better that making assertions is a quicker way to get answers than asking questions. That may be a misinformed view, but it's the one I'm getting.
Anyhow...All we can do is our best to engage sincere people to the best of our ability.
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