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Re: Integrity in our Aikido Community

Marc Abrams wrote: View Post
Graham Jenkins:

Your highlighting that section was very relevant. The sad thing will be when people like that are the only ones who post things on this forum. Imagine what the new people to Aikido would have to fill their heads with. That is why it would be nice to engage in some type of self-monitoring of ourselves on this forum so as to keep informed opinions involved with this forum.
To be honest, i've tired of the numerous posters here with chronic verbal diarrhea; for all the supposed faults of BJJers, and MMAers, at least they are humble enough to put what they say on the line, and accept defeat - a true example of humbleness.

I've been really reflecting, during my ban here, on the nature of many of those in the aikido community: their insistence on etiquette based around subservience to 'masters', and unwillingness to ever accept challenges (of any kind), and truly risk failure; they're an embarrassment, and I find less egotism, and more effective ability in the BJJ community (a martial art I have been studying for some five months now), where you aren't as good as you delude yourself you are - because when you experience failure of your martial ability, you are in no doubt about it: it's undeniable.

As bad as certain elements are on forums such as Bullshido, at least they've put themselves on the line at some point - and know what a resisting opponent feels like, and how to subdue such a person; certain commenter/s on this thread couldn't subdue a six month veteran of BJJ, in spite of decades of 'aikido' training, and understanding on a par with O'sensei.
Some tribute to the man's life, and creation!

Well done for speaking up, Marc.
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