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Marc Abrams
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Re: Integrity in our Aikido Community

Graham ( & David)

Your response simply confirms the foundation of my message. In absence of indicating that you were saying something in jest, how would you expect people to understand your response, particularly with your evasive style of responding to people who ask for more substance from your responses and claims? All of the more reason to maintain the personal integrity to open yourself up to examination of what you say and claim.

Graham Jenkins:

Your highlighting that section was very relevant. The sad thing will be when people like that are the only ones who post things on this forum. Imagine what the new people to Aikido would have to fill their heads with. That is why it would be nice to engage in some type of self-monitoring of ourselves on this forum so as to keep informed opinions involved with this forum.


Our Aikido community is made up of a wide array of diverse sub-communities. All of them should be accorded our respect and welcomed. Integrity to what we do and say within our own realms of Aikido should be a solid foundation for all of us to thrive in together.


You are absolutely spot-on about integrity being a personal trait. A community made up of people with high degrees of integrity is always looked up to. I can hope that of our community and work my own part in that equation and hope for the best.

To Everybody:

What would people consider to be some standards of integrity that we should expect of people who contribute on this forum?

Marc Abrams

ps.- thank you to everybody who has responded on this thread, via e-mail and via phone. i think that this is an important discussion that we should all share in.
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