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Marc Abrams
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Re: A New Column: It Had to be Felt

Ellis Amdur wrote: View Post
Mark (Abrams) - I don't know if I fully answered your question. I had only a few minutes and wrote my reply quickly. In particular, this aspect:

I don't quite understand what you mean here. Could you go into a little more detail and I'll see if I can address it.

Ellis Amdur

Thank you for your thoughtful, previous response. You were in a very unique position there and are able to share some experiences with us that few could have gathered. What I was referring to was what was described to me as differential treatment to the uke's depending upon who the teacher was and whom the uke was considered a student of. Some uke's were treated very roughly (some would say intentionally injured) by a teacher who considered that uke's principle teacher to be lower on the proverbial toughness totem pole. For example, Tohei Sensei was considered to be the alpha male of the pack and other major instructors appeared to be careful not to hurt students who were considered to be close students of his. That would certainly lead to some people describing their ukemi experiences as being different than others from the same instructor.


Marc Abrams
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