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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 20

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We do not know whether Kisshomaru was writing fact or fiction and the absence of sources or footnotes prevents any judgment. However, the novels of Shiba Ryotaro are part of a literary tradition in Japan that sees no distinction between historical fact and historical fiction, so long as the fiction supplements a plausible interpretation of the known 'facts' and I think that this explains to some extent why Kisshomaru was not worried so much about specifying his sources.
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It's kind of funny, but I had planned on doing something very similar in the book I am writing. Sort of a short historical fiction story based loosely upon sporadic facts. While, hopefully, it makes for interesting reading, it isn't something that can be completely verified.

Peter A Goldsbury wrote: View Post
As you might have gathered, the discussion of the three accounts of the American War of Independence was an attempt to outline the biases and selectivity that one could expect to find in lives of Ueshiba. However, I am somewhat surprised that no one has questioned (as yet) my treatment of this war.

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You mentioned that Column 21 should be read with this one, so I was waiting for it before making any comments.

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