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Diana Frese
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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 20

Just to say how great it is to have all your material here of Transmission, Inheritance and Emulation to refer to. I became interested in Japan way back in the sixties at Cornell because our Anthropology professor used "The Water Trades" (including sumo) as an example of related cultural groups. He was also an art historian, married to a Japanese lady.

At the time, the modern dance teacher suggested I study "something else" . I did, but didn't give up modern dance, and the next year's teacher was a bit less picky.

Judo was a great way to have fun and exercise, as winter lasts quite a while in Upstate NY! Our last term, the teacher's cousin introduced us to Aikido. He was French but seems to have been Japanese influenced, he loved to throw us a lot, so maybe it was for our own good after all,,,, i couldn't remember one technique but it seemed amazing all that flying through the air....

Later at Columbia, I audited some courses on Japanese literature, I think by Donald Keene, a noted translator ....

So thanks so much Prof Goldsbury, for helping me to continue my studies years later, and to learn about things I have always wondered about. My readings in the columns are a bit random, but that's the way I learn best anyway. Eventually I'll absorb the learning!
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