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Re: Largest Hidden in Plain Sight Spiral Ever

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Imagine a circle with a single twist. Imagine taking hold and moving the circle in the manner of a conveyor belt. From a fixed view point the belt appears to be moving forward and backward in perfectly equal measure. Now twist the circle a couple more times. The spirals become more visually pronounced and the conveyor belt continues to operate in the same manner. Where is the beginning? Where is the end?
.... From a relative perspective time makes sense (past/future) and a spiral can appear proceeding and receding in equal measure.
Excellent. Now. Think 3d. Think tubular balloons. Think of the kinks that form when you twist them. Think of spiral stresses (compression v. tension) rather than movement in proceeding v. receding .

The balloon is just a deformed sphere (as is the human body -- though some are more spherical than others ). Twist the balloon and a kink occurs -- and you get two deformed spheres. More twists and more kinks and you get a chain of spheres -- like balloon animals -- which can all be reunified into one spherical structure -- or that can resume chainlike behavior -- instantaneously, or progressively, either way.

"Spherical rotations," as Dosshu described things, maybe not far off..

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