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Scott Harrington
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Re: Largest Hidden in Plain Sight Spiral Ever

Drifiting into some spooky waters here with the Shingon references. A friend and I had a nice visit several years ago at the Shingon Temple in L.A.

The head priestess, who treated us very nicely, was of advanced age and had a severe case of dowager's hump due to osteoporosis. I have often wanted to go up there and see the fire ceremony - pyrotechnics!!!!

Here is a visual image connected to 'interfacing' with the buddha.

"This is some really esoteric s***, man! Like far out." One can imagine Ueshiba being greatly influenced (having previous exposure) by shingon drills once he had been taught IP / Aiki.

What a strange mix, though Takeda Sokaku had similar run-ins. He just seemed to be more level-headed about it. Yeah, it works, look how I can throw you down whenever I want with it.

Getting away from spirals, but interesting.

Scott Harrington
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