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Re: The purpose of Aikido?

If Aikido has a purpose, the Founder made it abundantly clear. He declared his Aikido to be a vehicle for ultimate peace and harmony.

Yet, he was not so naive as to believe for an instant that good thoughts and fuzzy warm feelings were adequate to the task. Accepting that conflict is inevitable in the world and the universe, he wanted to make combat optional as the first choice to make

Our United States has a military component second to none. Yet, it's avowed purpose is not to make war, but to avoid it if at all possible. Using our military might is the last resort, not the first.
Enemies of our country would do well to remember that we retain the right to choose amongst our alternatives, and that we will act.

This is not the forum to discuss the disgusting mishandling of our sovereign right to might by abusive and misguided political leadership

Aikido has the proven martial component ready for use at anytime it is necessary and appropriate. I am relieved to know that well meaning Aikido adepts, along with those from the other worthy martial disciplines, honestly seek non harmful alternatives first.

No, I do not believe that Aikido has any purpose at all. It is after all, an inanimate, and a noble construct, built and maintained on noble principles and enlightened vision.

Rather, it is the motives of the human beings that either honor or dishonor, use, misuse or abuse its capabilities that we should shine any spotlight on.

Perhaps we can imagine that "Aikido's purpose" is about cleansing ourselves, improving our behavior, and being grateful for proven friendship, the kind we find in our daily training.

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