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Re: The purpose of Aikido?

Kevin Leavitt wrote: View Post
You can have the skills ability desire and the competency to fight. AND. Also embrace the philosophical/spiritual side as well. That is the whole point if you ask me. Of course you are also free to do what ever you want and assign whatever meaning you want or filter out whatever you want as well. However to say that the fighting side and the spiritual side are at opposite ends and are opposed or some how in conflict with each other is not correct in my mind.
Exactamundo, although I think of it as the ability to be highly martially responsible, rather than the ability to fight, as that implies, to me, a certain mindset that I feel limits me. But my context is limited to my life arena, I ain't in the military.

(I have started to roll again though, with a close friend about to get his black belt from one of the Machados.... we practice how to apply a sense of Aiki, and how to use Ki and Center, in BJJ.... fun stuff.)

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