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Re: George Leonard Sensei Passes Away

The first time I ever saw the name, "George Ledyard" on this message board, I thought it was George Leonard having fun. It didn't take me long to notice their different writing styles, so I figured out that Ledyard Sensei is his own person.

I have seen one photo of Leonard Sensei in one of his books. I have read "Mastery" and "The Way of Aikido: Life Lessons from an American Sensei." With incredible pleasure, reading his literary works, particularly the latter, He became this grandfather-esque figure to me, yet on the verge of superhuman. As an author myself, it was difficult for me to imagine such a skill set that he had when it came to communicating with the reader with such a casual intelligence. George Leonard Sensei is probably one of two authors I've read who speaks with me instead of toward me. The only other I can think of who seems to create a mutual understanding of personality is the Nobel laureate Hermann Hesse.

I'm sending you a Hello, Sensei! My best guess is you are now existing in a spiritual afterlife, laughing at all of us because you know that in different periods of time - and each relatively short when compared to eternity - we'll all be sharing in bliss.

Love, Respect, Gratitude,
Ai to Rei to Arigatou,
Drew kohai
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