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Garth Jones
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Re: Martial Ineffectiveness

Effectiveness under what circumstances? Are you talking about a 'fair' fight - an aikidoist against some other martial artist of similar experience? A drunk in a bar? An aikidiost against a doped up mugger, or a gang of doped up muggers? An assailant with a gun? 1000 aikidoists on a battlefield against a 1000 armed and armored samurai?

The last would probably be the best test of martial effectiveness since one of the main goals of ancient martial arts was to make better soldiers.

Whenever somebody asks me if aikido is good for self defense (another way of asking if it is martially effective) I always wonder (and sometimes ask) defense against what?

So anyway, it seems to me that before the quesiton of 'is aikido martially effective' be addressed, we need to know what we all mean by 'martially effective.' For me that spans a wide range.

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