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Re: My Experiences in Cross Training MMA with Aikido

Salim Shaw wrote: View Post
Wow, there are too many. Just do a search on "what color gi should I wear, when is ok to wear a Hakama, how do I transport a jo or bokken on a motorcycle." The list goes on. None of these things will help your Aikido. Wearing a Hakama and you just started Aikido yesterday does nothing for your technique, maybe hinder or cause you to be tied up. Probably used against you in a sparring situation. Too much focus on superficial things. I think you get the point.
Salim, please understand that not everyone shares your thoughts regarding what constitutes an interesting discussion here on AikiWeb. These discussions that you may believe to be "fluff" belong and and are just as welcome here on AikiWeb as much the threads that you yourself may be interested in.

Let's now steer the discussion back to the topic at-hand rather than to its meta-discussion...

-- Jun

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