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Re: My Experiences in Cross Training MMA with Aikido

Reuben wrote:

I would very much like to hear any Aikidoka who has experienced a dojo with true jiyu (or at least in my opinion what jiyu should be like) where the guy can come with ANY attack and even throw combinations not just the traditional Aikido ones. If anyone could share their experience with this and how it has helped their Aikido training (or otherwise), I would be very interested to know your insights on the matter.
Lots of experience with this.

I learned to clinch. Then I learned the clinch was the same as Irimi/Ikkyo and if you go to the outside to the back..that is same as iriminage. In the inside...well lots of things you can do as well.

The principles are all there, just have to learn to work with the tension and stress and the whole startle finch things. Also timing/distance and "push/pull" are variables that must all be dealt with.

If you are working "mid distance" i.e. boxing or sparring...well I don't go there and play...dangerous. Either you are in the fight or out of the fight...make up your mind and get there...fighting is not sparring.

Knifes. Well hard to talk about here without being able to demo. but again, you are either in the fight or out of the fight....don't screw around doing westside story.

But yeah, I tend to like to train with mass and size being thrown into the situation with lots of attacks one after the other since this is what kinda happens...not the size up and bounce of sparring...unless you are in a ego fight in a bar or something...which I don't do.

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