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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 14

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Mark - You are absolutely right. Research is such a waste of time, particularly research from books and things. Let me add a couple of my letters from my files to second your sentiments.
You do have a way with words. Yes, I found that funny.

Seriously, though. If you read my post, you'll note that I never said research is a waste of time. Nor did I degrade Peter's research. In fact, like a true gentleman who didn't resort to sarcasm, I actually thanked Peter. No, wait, rereading here are my exact words, "Even though I disagree with the level that you've researched, I am completely thankful for the work and energy that you have done."

Imagine that, I found the time to disagree with Peter, state my personal views of what I felt (not what is real), what I'm finding in my own personal journey (not what everyone else is finding), and what I'm having to research through (not what I consider set in stone facts) without ever having to degrade Peter in any way. Not only that, I actually completely thanked him.

Oh, what insanity I must have caught. Acting gentlemanly whilst disagreeing with another Budo Man. You know, I remember reading someone posting about how they had a great workout with some very tough guys and that the conversation afterward was one of the most pleasant because they all knew they could handle themselves. Courtesy abounds when people view other people as peers.

But, I wonder what happens when someone views himself above others and looks down upon other Budo Men. Oh well, it's just fanciful musings because we both know that neither of us would be that crass ... right?

I still owe you dinner, you know.

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