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Re: AikiWeb Raffle for Mary Heiny Sensei

Jun Akiyama wrote: View Post
Hi everyone,

We're now up to 248 tickets -- almost halfway there to our goal of 500 tickets being sold!

Tomorrow, April 30th, is the last day for purchasing tickets.

So, if you've been procrastinating to purchase tickets, this would be the time to do so!

Please don't forget that your purchase of even a single raffle ticket will benefit Mary Heiny sensei's upcoming hip surgery. Of course, if you wish to purchase a block of raffle tickets, perhaps for your dojo, that will help immensely towards the benefit.

Please help get us towards selling 500 tickets!Thanks, everyone,

-- Jun
Hi Jun,
I'm not sure how important the April 30th deadline is, but our esteemed government is rebating us tax money (must be an election year) and a good number of people won't get their direct deposit rebates until May 16th. I just wondered if the deadline could be pushed back to cover this time period? Say May 20th? I don't know if there's any possibility that you would get all that many more tickets purchased either. Just a thought I had.

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