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Re: Baseline skillset

Thanks. I always hated the concept of circle, triange and square in the sense the forces are thought of as one-dimensional. That's why I prefer to think of things as sphere, tetrahedron and box. That way the forces can somewhat be viewed multi-dimensionally. They also have to be thought of dynamically in the sense that a static tetrahedron is only strong to a point, but a moving tetrahedron can adjust its dynamics in response to varying forces. I agree, the tensegrity concept has some potential, even if as a way of logically discussing the concepts.

I think the dynamic element has to be there in the sense the human tensegrity unit has a lot of weaknesses. As such, points of unbalancing are easily exploited. An adapting tensegrity on the other hand has the potential to be stronger if the sensitivity of the practitioner is such that adjustments can be made.

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