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Mike Sigman
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Re: Baseline skillset

Lee Salzman wrote:
The WHOLE point of yiquan was giving a set of words AND practices for discussing what students should be feeling, that can be linked to specific things that can be practiced. Otherwise yiquan would still be xingyiquan. So if I'm going to pick a jargon bias, I'll pick yiquan,, rather than sticking to loaded, abstract terms which no one can relate to.
I understand that, Lee. I was just saying that even in Yiquan the jargon and "what to feel" will vary from teacher to teacher, so we need to be very careful if we get into secondary skills. I have a copy of some notes taken by a student (English speaking) of Han Xing Yuen... the metaphors are different than a number of the others I see in Yiquan. Yet, I think we could analyse what is really happening down to a common set of terms.

If we could do that for secondary skills, we could probably do it easily for the baseline skills. The problem gets back to the old "try to describe how to ride a bicycle" example. It's not that hard to ride a bicycle, but describing the "feelings" in writing in an adequate way in order to teach someone how to ride a bicycle is difficult. I'm just trying to keep everything as simple as I can.


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