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Baseline skillset

From the Stealing Techniques thread...

Notes: Topic devolved to side discussion about what constitutes a baseline skillset for (western) Aikido to move forward with, and how a comparative analysis of ethnocentrically-related MAs might be a start in that direction.

Mike Sigman wrote:
On a side note, I posted a comparison of 2 videos the other day on QiJing which I think is worth mulling over. It's a brief look at a small part of the overall skills included in the ki/kokyu area (by no means is it meant to represent all there is). The first video is of Ueshiba showing a few bits of bouncing Uke's away using kokyu and ki (he's over 80 years old, so his level is not up for discussion. Period). The second video is someone skilled in Yiquan (I-chuan) doing some of the same things. These are Asia-wide demonstrations of the same power and you'll find them in Ueshiba, Yiquan, Taiji, Japanese sword experts, Xingyi, you name it. Understanding that these skills are common to Asian arts is a big step forward:

Ueshiba Sensei demo:

Master Sum demo:

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