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Re: K. Tohei vs Aikikai

1)I'm sorry my post caused you pain.
No, you're not.
2) I think Joseph can speak for himself.
No, you don't. [spoiler]
Wayne wrote:
Exactly. Thanks for the support Joseph.
He did not address you, he simply stated, and you claimed it to be in support of your reasoning. You put your words in his mouth.[/spoiler]
3) I am calm, are you?
Quite, but not quiet.
4) Tomorrow IS friday, the one thing you got right.
Actually come tomorrow, that will be the only thing that would be incorrect, so one might reason that it being incorrect in the future, we will act as though it were incorrect in the present.
5) Thanks for the patronizing "cookie". Could you explain to me how that isn't smug and condescending. Or are you unapologetic?
Quite unapologetic, here, have another cookie. Or shall I be downright rude, and offer you a kookie? Nah, you've got plenty of them to train with...

I think I'm having a bit of that cathartic aggression Erick might have been referring too. Look closer and maybe you'll gain some sort of benefit from your tantrums.
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