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Re: Why do some people hate Aikido?

Dear Alfonso and Eric,

I've seen videos of them doing randori and such, and they seem pretty uncoordinated and shaky (just search the names on youtube)

here, take a look at Osensei, and Tohei sensei (and even Shioda sensei) and compare them to any video of Ueshiba's kids. They don't even hold a candle to Osensei or Tohei Sensei. It's not just a 'he's better' argument, it's rational acknowledgement that being a great martial artist's son does not automatically make you great. Osensei himself said something to the effect of 'this budo is not inherited' or the like, this was a powerful statement as at the time most schools of jujitsu and what not were passed down through family generations.

Anyway, I'm basically setting the record straight regarding the implied accusations you made about tohei sensei and the ki society being, whatever it is you claim they were being. It was Osensei's will that Tohei sensei head the Aikikai. Tohei, being a nice guy, decided to leave when more conservative mindsets and political forces amassed to give him guff.

So my point Eric, is: Tohei sensei IS the 'middle ground' of Aikido. What is currently called the Aikikai is not even close to being as great as it could have been, and it is NOT what Osensei envisioned.
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