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Re: Why do some people hate Aikido?

Wayne Wilson wrote:
Dude, get over your false sense of modesty. You ARE presuming to judge Tomiki and Ki Society. It's like saying, "I don't mean to criticize, but you suck" Why mention them at all if you have no experience of them?

I'll do you a favor and presume to judge:

Aikikai has basically preserved the external form of Aikido, and to some extent, the spirit of it. However, the passing of Aikido lineage through Osensei's child Kisshomaru and grandson Moriteru, was a bad call in my opinion. With all due respect, neither of these guys' Aikido has ever been pointed to as even close to Osensei, or even Tohei or Tomiki. They are beaurocratic figureheads of the Aikikai organization, not top form Aikidoka.

Tohei sensei on the other hand was granted 10th dan by Osensei and he ended up being the ONLY Osensei approved 10th Dan. (tons of 10th Dans after tohei left, but these seemed more like political promotions)
Why the big split? politics. I can't help but wonder whether Kisshomaru was jealous of Tohei's favoured ranking and position within Aikikai as given to him by Osensei. I have no evidence, but all I know is, the top ranked Aikidoka in the world was 'pushed out' as head instructor, which was fine, because he just made his own Aikido school.

But the result? Now there are some fantastic Aikidoka on both sides of the fence, but there is not a whole lot of reintegration of the two schools, but a lot of mutual critique and criticism based on ignorance and the all pervasive, 'fear of the unknown'. Resulting in the comments by Mr. Eric Mead

I'm curiuos to know if you've personally verified the "weak/poor" Aikido of the different Doshu ? Or are you just repeating something you heard somewhere?

Alfonso Adriasola
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