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Re: Steven Seagal Interview

Hi Ron,

I'll try to offer up what I know... Though I don't think it will help much

Ron Tisdale wrote:
Can anyone post details on the above? 'Very little experience'...Ueshiba Morihei had already died by the time Seagal Sensei got to Japan, from what I've been told. Was Seagal Sensei refering to video?
I'm not too sure about this one. I do believe that he saw a demonstration once, but he went on to say that he had no personal mat time with O-Sensei at all.

Ron Tisdale wrote:
Is there any documentation as to the Omoto kyo connections? Does anyone know the requirements / training required to be a priest in that sect? Do they have 'priests'?
Well, I have been to Ayabe and met with some of the priests there. Seagal Sensei had definitely been there. A few of us from the old Tenshin Dojo were received in a very interesting manner. When we were introduced as students of Seagal Sensei, there was an immediate change in the interaction and we were taken through some of the lesser seen parts of the temple grounds. As for the requirements, etc... well I don't know any of that information.

Ron Tisdale wrote:
Was Seagal Sensei referring to Abe Sensei when he spoke of 'his spiritual teachers'?
Abe Sensei was not one of O-Sensei's spiritual teachers. it was the other way around in my opinion. However, there were others who were counted amongst O-Sensei's influences with whom Seagal Sensei may have come in contact.

Ron Tisdale wrote:
I know a lot of what Seagal Sensei has said has been taken out of context...Sean, might you be able to answer some of these questions?

I'd like to make it clear that these questions are genuine, and not intended in any way as a slur. I'm just seeking clarification.

What I can say is that I know of quite a few things that Seagal Sensei has said in the past that were true and verifiable that he now claims to either have not said, or won't say anything about anymore. So regardless of what may appear to be true, or not true, the fact is most people will never really know. Personally, having been on the inside and outside of many of the latter circumstances, I would say two things about these kind of things:

1. If you really think you need to know, it better have something to do with improving yourself or your aikido.

and if you got your head on straight...

2. Ask him when you see him.

It was an interesting interview, nonetheless due to many of the things he didn't say. If you new what he was talking about, much could be gleaned that would be lost on the average person reading it over and over and over... Oh well, back to training...


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