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Re: Steven Seagal Interview

Q: And your experience with 0-sensei?

Sensei: I have very little experience with 0-sensei. I was able to see him several times. I've seen him speak. I was very close to his spiritual teachers and I still am. I think I was the only white person to ever go exactly in the footsteps of 0-sensei in terms'of his mystical training. I became a priest in O'moto Kyo and went to all the aesthetic training with the priest that 0-sensei was raised with. I never really knew him. I never got to butt heads with him on the mat or was thrown around by him or anything else.
Can anyone post details on the above? 'Very little experience'...Ueshiba Morihei had already died by the time Seagal Sensei got to Japan, from what I've been told. Was Seagal Sensei refering to video?

Is there any documentation as to the Omoto kyo connections? Does anyone know the requirements / training required to be a priest in that sect? Do they have 'priests'?

Was Seagal Sensei refering to Abe Sensei when he spoke of 'his spiritual teachers'?

I know a lot of what Seagal Sensei has said has been taken out of context...Sean, might you be able to answer some of these questions?

I'd like to make it clear that these questions are genuine, and not intended in any way as a slur. I'm just seeking clarification.


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