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"Uke is always right"

I have been having a bit of a debate with myself over this issue for a while now, I came up with the following points and counterpoints.


It forces adaptability on the side of nage as well as creativity and improvisation.

It allows nage to get a more realistic idea of his/her skills against unpredictable attacks done at unpredictable speed and commitment.

It reinforces humility and moral fiber when a nage who considers himself "experienced" gets it in the face from a beginner.


It undermines the effort to learn a specific technique against a specific attack done in a specific way

Without a certain modicum of commitment and force on the part of uke, uke will never be able to hurt or disable nage in a "real" confrontation, never correcting uke's attack reinforces bad habits and weak attacks.

Being able to effectively disable a timid, self-concious beginner might foster a false sense of ability on the part of nage when going up against more experienced practitioners.

Any other opinions?
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