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Re: Internal Power/Strength (IS/IP) in relation to non-human contact

Howard Popkin wrote: View Post

I'm sorry, but I have to respectfully disagree.

I can't swing a hammer, but I can call a carpenter.

Also, I thought I put the jew in aikijujutsu

I love your humor. And I also greatly respect your posts and depth in the traditional arts.
My theory Was not meant to be simplistic or flippant.
Most atemi as Edmund Parker experienced it, were either hammers, whips or thrusts. Even most
#1 strikes with sticks and sabers resemble the hammer strike.

I am a Gardner and do allot of building with a hammer and nails. Posture, form, positioning, relaxation, breath, intent and focus make big differences. Doing subtle motions within ones posture enhances the end result. If your form works on a 4 inch nail, can you trust it on a 6 inch nail? How about a sledge hammer on a railroad spike? How about hitting the bell and winning the prize consistently at the carnival. Some Asian artists have slapped a 4 inch nail into wood with an unprotected palm.

In like manner, thrusts have often been tested by, among other things, blowing out candles whether through the tips of your fingers or the end of a staff. Whips (back fists and #2 strikes/cuts are tested in similar ways.

Each is a demonstration of some skill perfected and tested on non human matter. Each skill can demonstrate what I have experienced as internal power practices.

It is becoming rather clear to me that what folks are referring to as IS/IP is a very specific practice that has been "trademarked" by a specific group of teachers.

I honor such knowledge and look forward to experiencing it as the opportunity arises.



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