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Re: kamae problem

Joe Curran wrote: View Post
Dear Szczepan,
Rather than say that I do not read posts carefully,I would suggest you do not fully appreciate my warped sense of humour.When I mentioned a gentle kick to the leg I was making a vain attempt at humour.You apparently did not see the joke.
Now you state I do not understand square posture.I would turn this around and suggest you are not quite familiar why aikidoka use hamni.Then again I also dont know you /or your teacher.
Now as far as Judo posture is concerned please dont try and tell my granny how to suck eggs[I hope this saying is known to you].
Prior to me taking up Aikido I was a young Judoka. In this capacity I met and trained with world class judoka.I will not bore you listing them since in most cases they are either long since retired or are dead.So I think I am fairly conversant with Judo footwork/posture.Rather than ask your self the questions why not try Judo?You will then understand the differences/sameness.
As you say each posture has its good points and bad.If you get results using or adapting certain footwork , wonderful.
I also had a little chuckle when you suggested my next comment would be about facing MMa /K1 fighters.
Unless they have a division in MMA related to guys aged 70+
I think I will give this aspect a miss.Hope you are well.
Cheers, Joe.
Hello Joe,
If it is true you did actually practice with world class judoka, you are familiar, that they use almost identical kamae like in sword practice or in boxing. We in aikido struggle to have similar agility in all directions as in boxing, and our roots are from sword practice -- what would be a good reason to adopt all time such strange posture as L kamae?

In L kamae you can't walk naturally in such kamae, can you? Your shoulders, hips, backbone, knees and feet are twisted each in different direction so can't align whole body in the way to deliver maximum power in one point. You can't create your power from big toe of back foot. Even if you create some modest power from shoulders, you can't shift it efficiently thru the joints to your attacker….

I fail to see a single advantage, really….


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