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Re: Return of the hemp gi?

Hi, Anthony - two of three beta tests are done and being very happily worn in my local dojo - the third and final beta test JUST started getting measured and cut today for sending across the continent. This is for the TOP only - at custom sewing prices, folks who wear a hak are not interested in custom pants to wear under!
So far all 3 are cut in the judo style but I can easily adapt to a karate style. The 100% hemp is an amazing fabric to work with - a real pleasure.

Photos at my flickr site.
Price has worked out to be $140 for the top; for extra large sizes I may need to add a modest surcharge (sleeve edge to sleeve edge over 58" or shoulder to hem length over 36").

I'm going to start proofing a pants pattern within the month, looking at a less expensive, lighter weight fabric for pants, not all hemp but a hemp-cotton blend, for those who do want a full upper/lower set. I'm thinking to do the pants with an elastic waistband w/ drawstring inside, like sweatpants have, but of course if anybody wants a plain drawstring....
OH! I also bought a small quantity of 100% hemp herringbone in BLACK for any koryu folks (or New Yorkers? :-) )

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