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Return of the hemp gi?

Some years ago, there was a woman in Mendocino/Lake County, Machiko, making hemp dogi. She used to run a print ad in Aikido Today magazine but never had an online presence. Her dogi were in the judo style (double layer shields at the front and back shoulder for holding up to grabs, and the "skirted" bottom); they looked great and held up unbelievably well due to the inherent characteristics of the hemp fiber.

Eleven years later, the original ones she'd made for local aikidoka are finally wearing out and she's not making them I'm living here with my nine year old home microbusiness custom sewing baby-sized organic cotton dogi and cotton weapons bags.

Yep. I've gotten back in touch with my old supplier of hemp fabrics to check their fabric samples and working on a cost-out to see how much these suckers would have to priced at. Next step, make a sample for somebody at the dojo and see how it works.

So I'm not ready to take orders yet, but I'm hoping that within a couple of months I'll have at least the jacket design down, be ready to offer those, and start working on the pants design.

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