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Re: Where Did Ueshiba Morihei's Training Go?

Mr. Murray:

I'm just a lowly layman practitioner of modern day Aikido.
I read your questions as well as most of the Aikiweb links you provided.
You search for truths to be perfectly round. They're not.
I like Mr. Gelum's answers to your questions.
The men you keep mentioning were the last of the real Samurai and
I'm sure there were Samurai in centuries past, hardened by REAL fighting who could kick all their a**es with weapons involved.
I'm sure there are monks in the high mountains who can perform demonstrations of Ki to outmatch those of the characters mentioned.
Since there are more stars in the heavens then grains of sand on the earth and our lives are a wisp of smoke in comparison to eternal time, I would kindly suggest that you refrain from troubling yourself about the why's and discover yourself through the legacy these men have handed down.
You can even consider the use of firearms to be a martial art: then I guess Wyatt Earp to be the master butt-kicker.

Self-discipline is the chief element of self-esteem; and self-esteem the chief element of courage. Thucydides
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