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Re: Even at Boot one can reach inside you and make you feel. Your feelings

Anthony Loeppert wrote: View Post
Let me guess... you either don't have any children or they ride the short bus to school.

You used the word "my", as in my wolf, my horse. Did you reason with these animals, and of their own accord, they joined your family? Or do they stay with you because you feed them? Did you pay some money to someone else and now they are yours? If it was a hypothetical, fine, but the point still stands.

No, I'd say you entered into a legally binding, contractual obligation, with a woman.

Context matters,
Context matters, intent matters.

Is there actually a point that you are trying to make within the context of this thread?

For as far as I am concerned this is becoming a discussion that is drifting into nowhere-land.
As far as I understand it, manipulation and control seems important in your life. And you prefer to see manipulation and control as nurture.

I disagree with you.
Let us leave it at that and get back to original subject of this thread.

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