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Re: YouTube: Senshin Center New Video

Yeah, we are so lucky - everyone put work in on it and totally transformed the initial space. It's very pleasing to show up and go inside. :-) The camera makes it look a bit more narrow than it actually is. :-)

Thanks Mike. You should come visit us sometime. We'd love to host you. Chris came once, but it was way too short a visit - hint hint Chris.

Jon, yeah, I would say it is closer to the bent arm version - you are right. The joint ends up on the front side of the arm, as the rotating of the arm on its own spiral course of action tightens all the sinews and thus restricts the play in the joints - allowing one to move from touching the elbow to directly effecting the shoulder to directly affecting uke's center. The result, or at least what I'm trying to go for, is an immediate decent to the ending move of the technique.

For me, the martial applications in Ikkyo ura are the entering into the back-near corner via a curve (circle), the dropping of weight on one controlling point, and to a lesser degree the capacity to reduce points of articulation into angles of cancellation. These things don't have to be thought of as following a linear or narrative format - as in the technique. I try and do these things then as efficiently as I can but also with as much speed and action of violence I can muster. In real life, I had in surprise. Outside of these things, I would not feel my movement was martial or martially viable.


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