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Re: Daily Applications of Aikido

Keith Larman wrote: View Post
I'm imagine Phil there has read over the variety of replies and is shaking his head saying "none of you got what I was saying". Seriously, without some clarification from Phil this is one gigantic Rohrschach ink blot for everyone, what they want to say or what they'd love to respond to. I mean, really, folks, is this going anywhere?
This is a discussion forum. If someone puts something on here I think it is meant for discussion. Otherwise...there would be a lot of blank space.

If he is shaking his head... he could give some clarification, otherwise... we can discuss it. It is an interesting subject. I am surprised at the differences of opinion.

When someone posts an experience it gives us all an idea of something real that happened. Like Mary M has stated before it is like touching an elephant blindfolded. Yet the discussions help me think and re-examine my ideas.

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