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Re: Daily Applications of Aikido

Phil Van Treese wrote: View Post
Aikido will not change you and your attitude but it will show you what would be a better way to handle any given situation.... Unfortunately, I am very confrontational and you can ask my class that. I will back off to a degree in a situation and then the buck stops with an attitude that I have.... Aiki will show you a peaceful way to handle situations but sometimes that way you were raised comes into play and the aiki will take a back seat.

I took this to mean, not that Phil is contrite, but that he agrees there was "a better way" and a "peaceful way" to handle the situation with the nidan, and so I concluded that he agrees that his behavior was improper. You're quite right, thinking there's a better way and thinking one's behavior was improper are two different things. I don't know Phil and I apologize to him if I misinterpreted his post.
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