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Re: Uke Nagashi

I didn't know this had a name. Thanks for the info! Its not normally taught in our syllabus, but a bunch of guys stole this entry several years back and just about all of our dojo have guys that practice it. I'm not sure if anyone is aware it has a unique name though.

To the OP:
What I do a lot with this concept is with punches, hook punches and side strikes. What I like from a practical point is folding your arm as you move in puts you in a triangle block position. A lot of entries I do with non-aikidoka pretty much rely my entering strongly with a triangle block. This almost always absorbs some brunt force...but I pretty much expect that from people actually trying to hit me in a dynamic manner. What I am describing just above is a little more contrived and somewhat absent of the smooth blending of ukenagashi...or at least how that video explains it...but I will, of course, flow through into some aggressive technique after bringing my arm overtop and getting in a dominant position over uke.

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