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Re: "Aikido is Misogi"

Kevin Leavitt wrote:
Seeing some of us in only a loin cloth and a headband might be all the shock that is needed. forget the water!
lol! For me it was almost more shocking being in the loin swim shorts have always tended toward the baggy side of things. But really, it's no worse than all those speedos my American, puritain eyes were assailed with when on holiday at the beaches abroad. I still have the nightmares!
I agree with your other post about the ability to get similar results from other activities. For me a good day of skiing can put more right with the world mentaly than just about anything else. And physically I get obvious benefits in the form of stronger legs and the like. It's a form of meditation in and of itself.
To my mind, the most important thing is that we're learning and refining our abilities: growing...if we're talking about our training, at least. Just as folks have different learning styles, so too are there different activities which different people will best interact with. Then of course there's the matter of personal taste. The Polar Bears Club isn't for everyone. However, it is also my understanding that people with kidney disease or other health issues shouldn't do cold water misogi. It can shock the immune system or the kidneys themselves, according to one yudansha of my dojo, clearly not everyone should practice this form of meditation. Still, i'd recommend it to anyone who's curious and healthy enough. It's nicer on warm days though, I must admit.
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