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Re: Watch Out for Aikido 'Shihans'..........

I think some of the confusion happens when people toss around the term "hombu dojo". This literally means "headquarters school". By itself, it does not mean Aikikai headquarters, Yoshinkan headquarters, Ki no Kenkyukai headquarters, or any other headquarters in particular. Anybody can name his own system, give himself rank, and call his dojo "hombu dojo". This is unfortunate, but it, in itself, is not the core problem. The problem is that the uninitiated might buy into it, because they don't know the difference, and the dishonest instructor might encourage that misunderstanding for his own gain. It's simple enough for anyone to ask an instructor WHICH "hombu dojo" he/she is affiliated with, and then check him out. There is no need to be deceived. Become more informed. Caveat emptor.