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Re: Dead end?

I'm another vote in liking your teacher.
From a martial point of view, control of uke is important....flying ukemi is fun but calls for either uke deciding to surrender his center prematurely or nage to be adding way more "out" than is martially called for...but the thing is, aikido is a "big tent" and if you are young, energetic and more interested in the activity end of things, then you probably would be happier at a different dojo. So I'm not sitting in judgment on you on this one. Different students have different goals, and they can also change over time.
My suggestion is, if there is a large seminar or "winter" or "summer" camp in your organization you can get to, that would be a great opportunity for you to take classes under a variety of instructors and with a huge range of other students from different dojo, and you may get a broader perspective and be able to clarify YOUR goals in training. Then make a move or not.

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