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Bernd Lehnen
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Re: Saito sensei's method

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Terry Dobson told me once:
Osensei had this certain thing he did where, when he showed you something, you got the clear impression that he was saying between the lines: "Right here, I'm teaching you the real thing. These other guys, they really can't get it, so I just show them what I can to keep them occupied. But I'm teaching you the real goods." Ellis, I honestly believe that he said that to me and meant it. I also believe that every other deshi of Osensei experienced the same thing. I'm the only one, though, that thinks that's funny.[

Ellis Amdur
This can happen every time a really high quality teacher, while teaching you on a personal basis, gets a grip on you from the inside and if you're not level headed enough, you start to feel exceptional.

May be, here we find one of the top motivations of many to give all and continue to adhere to and adore this special teacher for the rest of their life. They probably have him on their mind then every day even if, in fact, they had access to his teachings only now and then.

This would explain a lot.

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