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Re: Daito Ryu Aiki Jujutsu Seminar in Virginia

Since you wanted to use me for some form of recommendation by once again referencing me "out of the blue' from a contentious thread almost two years old from another forum. I now recant any support for Roy whatsoever. I do hope you follow him though, and hopefully in a very serious and dedicated manner for a decade or hopefully more.
Since you wanted to use my opinion in a public forum, here it is revised from two years of dealing with you.
"Folks, I’d skip this one. Were I looking, I'd train with Howard, or Ark or Mike."

Jim Sorrentino wrote: View Post
Do you mean Howard Popkin? If so, what's the difference (in intent, not content) between Howard Popkin's well-received introductory seminars on Daito Ryu Roppokai (which he has taught at various aikido dojo), and what Roy Goldberg does?
Since you asked,
I’d say, one is a stand-up, guy that actually knows and teaches...aiki. One who's organization is solid and growing, not shrinking. One who at least attempts to pick solid, reputable dojo’s to align and grow with.
Then there's the other guy.

Hey, since you place like placing yourself in the middle of other people's long dead business and repeat lies in a public venue-next time you see him, ask him how the Katana and Tanto I forged for him are doing? He'll know. The ones he spent weekends at my house and I many months forging, out of 16,000 layers of steel -worth over $6,000.00 -which he publicly brags about from the other side of his mouth-in front of many people- without mentioning he never paid me a dime. Or maybe Jim, you both can just stop, and handle yourselves with some dignity.

Again, as I have asked you several times before, Jim, never mention me, reference me, or include me in any post. Let it go.
Good luck in your training.

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