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Re: Religious Restrictions on Training

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When she shows up for a morning class and is the one of three people on the mat; she is the only woman and the other two have religious restrictions, how the heck is her training not affected? It's not by her choice -- it's by theirs to practice their view of their religion. You can not admit here in this circumstance that her training was adversely affected?
Ok, let's not admit them in our dojo. Then she will be the only woman. Period. How the heck is her training not affected then??

You are not asking for Sensei not to admit them because of religious beliefs, but because you dislike them. And that's it. Next thing will be not to admit ugly people. Or handicapped people. How will training with a wheelchair guy affect your training? Not meaning disrespect here but... what are the chances a wheelchair handicapped people try to rape you in the lockers?

With all due respect, your basis for rejecting their admitance is hate.
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