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Lorien Lowe
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Re: Religious Restrictions on Training

Ahmad -
I have trained with Muslim men and women before who have interpreted things the same way that you do. They were, in fact, some of the nicest people I've ever known and their kids were shockingly well-adjusted. However, there *are* other interpretations out there. The Koran, the Bible, and a host of other religious texts can be interpreted in many ways, and it is far from unusual to see Jews, Christians, Muslims (and atheists!) who take the extreme view and think that women are dirty, unintelligent, over-emotional, etc.

The question isn't whether or not this happens; we know that it does. The question isn't whether or not the people who do this try to justify it with one holy text or another; we know that they do (even if we don't accept their particular interpretation).

The question of this thread is how *we* react when someone who takes this view comes to our (non-profit) dojo and requests or demands that we rearrange our practice in order to accommodate their interpretation of their religion.
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