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Re: Rhythm/Speed/Musubi - How they work

As I'm very new to this kind of training myself, maybe I can try to explain it from my point of view: If you look around you where you're sitting now, in front of a computer I'm guessing , you can pick an object in the room. For example I can look at a chair over there. I can keep my mind sort of inside myself, inside my head, and look at a chair over there from inside my head. There's a distance between me and the chair.

OR, I can send my mind to the chair, and so I'm (of course I'm still just sitting here where I'm sitting, but this is how it feels like) there where the chair is, and there's no distance between me and the chair (again, of course there really is a distance, but this is how it feels like).

The difficulty I had at first was that I would try to strain to send my attention over to what I wanted to observe, sort of trying to stretch my mind all the way from here to there - but instead the trick is to let go of your sense of yourself and let your thought move freely to over there. So instead of trying to stretch a long elastic mind over the gap, taking your attention and placing it on the other side of the gap.

I've been practicing this with all kinds of things, inanimate objects in the room, people on the street, moving balls in a computer game. It always improves my ability to see what is going to happen, way earlier than I'd expect. I already wrote about my experience in light "sparring" the other night.

I hope this makes sense to someone! I also hope that the more experienced people in this thread will correct me if I'm way off of what they are talking about...

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