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Brian Vickery
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Re: Pointless techniques

Originally posted by bujin
Are there any techniques which you consider totaly useless in a fight?
Hello Juliusz,

Well, I can only speak on how techniques are taught in the particular dojo where I train, so with that thought in mind...

Aikido techniques are divided into two catagories:
1) Traditional Techniques
2) Practical Techniques

Traditional techniques are those which mainly teach technical skills, with little thought concerning self defense. Their main goal is to improve skills like balance, timing, blending, mai-ai, leading control, etc. They're also used as a vehicle to pass along aikido 'tradition'.

Practical techniques on the other hand are just that, practical, focusing mainly on self defense.

Now, here is where things get a bit confusing ...if you were to create a list detailing which techniques fall under which heading, the two lists would be virtually the same. The difference is in how the techniques are applied's not a black & white thing, there's ALOT of overlap when it comes to application.

So what you might consider 'useless' in a fight, can be extremely valuable in teaching fundemental skills and abilities!

...just my 2 cents worth!

Brian Vickery

"The highest level of technique to achieve is that of having NO technique!"
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