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Edwin Neal
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Re: what makes a test great

in my experience testing is about a mix of showing the precision and details of the waza and showing some speed and power... mix it up... use a variety of waza and i try to do variation on left and right sides not the same ikkyo left and right... it is also an endurance will power thing a test lasts as long as you can keep going... one guy's final randoori went on well over an hour until sensei called time because it was getting late!... as uke i try to give good realistic attacks not too fast or slow... i make nage throw me... in fact i tell them before hand to not worry just cut loose on me i will look after myself... and on the question of preparing for a test i prefer to be called with no prep as i feel this gives a better indication of my ability under some stress, and we are never asked to test unless we can pass... if you wouldn't pass you aren't ready... it is a demonstration of your skill not a pass fail thing... good luck and have fun!

Edwin Neal

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