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Stephen Sereday
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Re: Problem with shiho nage :( please help!

As mentioned above stay away from doing Aikido on friends.

I understand the excitement and frustration aikido can bring to a person and specially a new student. Before coming to the internet for help, the best advice I can give you is to ask your sensei for help. Only your sensei can correct your form as we have no idea what exactly your doing wrong. I know that my sensei would be upset if I was having problems with a technique and not asking questions in class. Then went looking for answers on the internet. If your sensei is unwilling to help you or can't help you then move to another dojo. Learn all your kihon techniques properly try to perform them as perfect as possible and this way you will always have a good solid base to go back to. When something does go wrong you can ask yourself what did I do differently that allowed my technique to fail. Eventually with enough practice and enough time your shihonage will become solid. The key to any training is learning the fundamentals and always practicing the fundamentals.
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