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Re: Ki energy defined


Quantum physics is an area of physics, meaning that its research submits to scientific standards in observation, data processing, reasoning and presentation of theory. The fact that people trust quantum physicists without having to reproduce the experiments and the calculations themselves means that they are confident that those people would follow the guidelines of their profession before offering propositions. If one of them was found out not to follow the scientific method, his work would be automatically invalidated.

Copernic and Galileo's trials were not conducted by scientific commitees on the basis of the respect of the scientific method, but by moral and political authorities based on their view of how people SHOULD see the world. Do not insult your contradictors by putting them in the same bag.

You seem to see life as a mystery that cannot be explained without throwing away most of the scientific discoveries of the past two centuries. Well you are wrong. There are still unexplained facts, but basically life as a phenomenon is a property of matter emerging from complex molecular interaction, basically the point where chemistry and biology mix up. No need to summon a fifth fundemental force that particle accelerators could not measure but bare-handed aikidoka could.

I will pass on the cat paragraph because it does not make any sense.

And by the way, being on the same picture as a famous scientist does not make one as knowledgeabe or credible.

Concerning The Tao of Physics, the book makes some parallels between some scientific discoveries and the interpretation of the world by some Eastern traditions. However, those parallels do not constitute a validation of the latter by the former (or vice cersa), because they do not satisfy proper scientific reasoning conditions. You can find them beautiful or interesting, but you cannot go any further. Proving one does not prove the other.