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Re: Jan Hermansson Videos

Matthew Gano wrote: View Post
I thought the post by Carsten on the IHTBF column was beautiful and apt for this thead.
Take care,
That puts some perspective on things, good.

It reminds me of my recent visit to my old teacher who is now a bit fragile physically too. Whilst attacking him and being thrown I was aware I was being more careful for his sake for I was wanting to fully experience the whole feeling of him.

When watching I saw the change when someone attacked with a bokken. I looked at my friend who was visiting with me and we smiled knowingly for the old 'Mike' had reappeared and the effect on the attacker was awesome. Like in that column you refer to in this case it was the sleeping samurai who had been reawakened.

When we left I gave him a hug and then shook his hand and turned to leave. His hand was soft and yet as I walked away found myself bouncing back with my hand 'stuck' to his. He winked, I smiled. He's still got it.

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