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OK, I have to de-lurk for this one.

Ledyard sensei wrote:

"It is my experience that very few people understand this aspect of Aikido before the mid yudansha levels if that.

<< It is my experience that very few yudansha understand this period, nevermind the mid level view! I also have to believe that it's due to a lack of experience in situations where "uke" is not just cooperating. It's too easy to get "lazy" in this area of training >>

"I have trained with people who were trying to do it but didn't have the power or clarity of their intention to acomplish it."

<< Again, they've probably never actually applied this so the concept escapes them. Again, dojo practice with a "cooperative uke" makes it easy to become lazy here >>

On the other hand you could feel Saotome Sensei make a small shift in his intention in the pit of your stomach from ten feet away. Ikeda Sensei defeats you before you even attack with what I call "the look". Mary Heiny, who is literally half my physical size feels large to me when we are on the mat because her spirit is so large. And Tom Read is an absolute master of using his movement and projection to place you right were you need to be in order for him to effortlessly throw you. Gleason Sensei's "attention" grabs you long before you physically grab him.

<< Great examples here however, as a fighter and boxer I am accustom to being hit. That said, I react a little different to people's "intention". When I'm attacking and I mean really attacking and not just following nage around, I could care less about nages intention, looks or reputation. In my experience one should not "intend" but rather do or don't, anything else just leaves huge openings.... >>

back to lurk mode.

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